Focus Group in the Cloud™

Smarter Insights. Superior Targeting

G2 Analytics is an adaptable collaboration analytics platform that gives participants of events the ability to offer real-time feedback from moment-to-moment during any live or recorded event.

Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, G2 Analytics is a leading innovator in the field of live audience measurement and analytics. We are also pioneers in the art of micro-targeting.

Our Focus Group in the Cloud™ enables hosts of events such as conference calls, webinars, live streams, town hall meetings to measure their audiences’ moment-to-moment reactions to the actual content and message being delivered at their events.

A Richer Event Experience

We create deeper insights about your audience and help to achieve your goals whether they are winning elections, shaping communications strategy, driving sales, growing memberships, passing legislation or increasing donations.

Event Experience

The platform enables you to capture realtime feedback resulting in longer participation and greater attendance.

Data Collection

Seamless data collection from audience participants for any event such as a conference call, YouTube video or YouTube Live event

Rich Data & Metrics

A variety of visual analytics is captured including user-specific data and semantic analysis of the message.

Content Integration

Aggregate reactions to events as well as individual reactions and time-coded captioning of data


Opening a feedback loop results in participants staying 30% longer with a deeper engagement level.

Unique Insights

Real-time content and participant analytics for better understanding of your audience