President Barack Obama has been calling for Guantanamo Bay to be canceled since he was campaigning to be President back in 2007. Today, he delivered his plan to Congress to close the detention facility. President Obama outlined the proposal to transfer most of the detainees to other countries. Detainees that are deemed to dangerous to be moved to to other countries will be transferred to a yet to be determined facility within the United States. Addressing the American people, Obama claimed, “the plan we are submitting today is not only the right thing to do for out security, it will also save money.”

The plan has already been met with strong opposition, with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stating, “It is against the law — and it will stay against the law — to transfer terrorist detainees to American soil.” Please watch and engage with President Obama’s announcement with out Focus Group in the Cloud™ above and let us know what you think about his plan in the comments below.

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