G2 Election Series

G2 Analytics Election Series – Social Security & Medicare

During the final Presidential Debate, the candidates were asked if they would consider a plan that would both increase taxes and reduce entitlement benefits to save programs such as Social Security and Medicare. To better understand how the candidates’ responses were received by viewers, we created an online video survey and asked viewers to use the G2 Analytics’ Moment-to-Moment (M2M) Video Scoring Platform to score the video by indicating when they agreed or disagreed with the candidates’ statements.

This survey was designed to test whether or not there is a “generational gap” between how Millennials and Non-Millennials react to the topics of entitlement programs and the national debt. The audience was likely voters from six swing states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas) and was comprised of roughly 50% Millennials (177) and 50% Non-Millennials (179).





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