About Us

At G2 Analytics, we know the importance of communicating with your audience. A company’s or politician’s most important task is reaching and interacting with it’s target audience. While advertisements, events, speeches and webinars are valuable ways to communicate with a target audience, testing the effectiveness of these messages is difficult and expensive. G2 Analytics provides a cost-effective solution to simultaneously engage and interact with your audience. 

With our Focus Group in the Cloud™, we offer real-time insights on how to truly connect and understand customers or voters. G2 Analytics provides users with the analytics to improve messaging and targeting, while improving audience acquisition and retention. We create deeper insights about your audience and help to achieve your goals whether they are winning elections, shaping communications strategy, driving sales, growing memberships, passing legislation or increasing donations.

Our commitment is to advance your communication goals and improve your targeted messaging. Our mission is to provide you with the information on how to strengthen your message and deliver unique insights on your target audience in a faster and much more cost-effective approach than the traditional focus group. 

G2 Analytics was founded by Alexander P. Gage, who brings over 40 years of experience in public opinion research. Gage began his career working under legendary pollster Bob Teeter. Throughout his career he has steered marketing, strategy and consulting businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. He developed “micro-targeting” methods of data mining that are used in today’s presidential elections.