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Alexandria, VA (June 21, 2015) – In the wake of the Orlando shootings, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made public statements on the issue and clearly defined their differing policy initiatives. As part of their 2016 Election Series, G2 Analytics conducted two online interactive video surveys utilizing their online Moment-to-Moment (M2M) Video Scoring Platform. On June 15th, 2016, G2 Analytics collected M2M reactions from more than 220 respondents using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. While this is not a scientific sample, MTurk’s on-demand workforce provides G2 with the ability to quickly collect survey responses which uncovered key insights into how the respondents engaged with – and reacted to – the candidates’ statements.

In this video survey, respondents were asked to watch a short video, approximately three minutes in length, which contained the key statements made by each candidate and were asked to indicate when they “Agreed” or “Disagreed” with something the candidate was saying. Additionally, G2 collected responses to a pre- and post-video poll question as well as an open-ended verbatim.


The M2M video reaction data clearly indicates that Hillary Clinton’s statements were strongly favored by respondents that participated in the online video survey. Clinton received 78% positive reactions compared to Trump’s 42%.

Clinton received the highest levels of Positive Net Engagement (Positive Reactions minus Negative Reactions) when discussing her plans to for stricter gun controls. This is supported by the results from the pre-exposure poll question in which 53% of respondents indicated that increased gun control was the most important policy change. Increased immigration controls and increased intelligence gathering each received 20% of respondents’ support, while increased Muslim community outreach received only 7% of the total support.

Clinton Net Orlando

While Clinton’s statements elicited higher levels of positive reactions than Trump, many of her comments received low levels of overall engagement, especially when discussing specific aspects of gun control policy and the need for increased Muslim community outreach. More importantly however, in a post-video poll, 72% of respondents believed that her statements made the “More Likely” to support her candidacy.


While Trump’s statements did not perform as well as Clinton’s he did receive the highest levels of overall engagement and received 43.6% more reactions than Clinton’s. Respondents agreed with his comments about the threats posed by radical Islam but disagreed when he tried to attach these threats to the immigration policies of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton.

Orlando Poll Results
Trump Net Engagement Orlando
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