Although republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has yet to produce a television ad, his campaign just released four 60-second radio spots in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Paris, Trump has seen a surge of support and commands a 19-point lead over his competition. Since the attacks, Trump has pledged to take immediate action against terrorism stating that, “I’m going to bomb the shit out of them,” during a rally in Knoxville, Tennessee Monday night. He continues this message in one of the two radio ads he narrates. “I will also quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of ISIS.” In his ads below, he lays out how the country is in deep trouble and criticizes President Obama multiple times.

During the fourth GOP debate on Fox Business last week, G2 Analytics, along with the College Republican National Committee, conducted our Focus Group in the Cloud™ to scientifically survey over 300 likely republican primary voters. During the debate, we asked flash poll questions to the audience. When we asked our focus group whether they believe Donald Trump would make our country more or less safe, 60% of respondents believed he would make our country safer. Engage with his new radio ads below and let us know what you think!


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