Many prospective political candidates rely on traditional polling during the exploratory phase of their campaign. While these traditional methods are effective at measuring the opinions and attitudes of the constituency at large, they fail to provide any meaningful data on how the candidate will be viewed and how their message will be received by voters. This is especially true for most first time candidates, and candidates seeking higher office, whose name recognition is too low for any meaningful insights to be gained about their potential candidacy.

G2 Analytics bridges this gap, by combining traditional survey research with interactive moment- to-moment (M2M) video scoring to deliver unique insights into what voters actually think about the candidate.


From the moment your campaign is launched, you are your most important messenger and how you come out of the gates will leave a lasting impression that will help shape the entire campaign. G2 Analytics proprietary M2M Video Scoring Platform allows you to rapidly test a variety of messages, policy statements, and personal attributes, in your own words and in front of the people that matter most, your potential voters.

Simply put, G2 allows you to get real responses about your prospective candidacy on screen, just as your actual campaign will deliver its message. These responses don’t rely on traditional pre-campaign name identification; rather, they help reveal how you as a candidate will be received after the campaign is launched. The results uncover deep insights into how voters will respond both to message and the messenger, providing the actionable intelligence required to launch your campaign from a position of strength.


G2 Analytics will design an online survey with interactive moment-to-moment video scoring to test public opinion of your messaging and speaking performance. The survey sample will be comprised of registered Democrat, Republican or Independent voters from your constituency. In addition to answering standard pre- and post-exposure survey questions regarding state and national politics, respondents will be asked to watch a short video (4-5 minutes) of you making a series of policy statements. While watching the video, respondents will be asked to score the video using a binary indicator to identify when they agree or disagree with the content of the video. G2 will capture the respondents’ moment-to-moment reactions to discover who engaged, when they engaged, how they engaged and ultimately why they engaged. G2 will collect, categorize and deliver survey responses and video reaction data to the Client in the form of interactive dashboards which are filterable by demographics such as party affiliation, age, gender, and Zip Code.

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