G2 Election Series

As part of their 2016 Election Series, G2 Analytics has partnered with UCLA and Vanderbilt University to study the impact of political advertising in the 2016 presidential campaign season. Led by political scientists Dr. Lynn Vavreck and Dr. John Geer, the SpotCheck Project will conduct weekly online ad tests utilizing representative samples of American voters provided by YouGov America. This project will utilize G2 Analytics’ Focus Group in the Cloud™ to test the effectiveness of political advertising throughout the 2016 presidential election cycle.

Every week, a scientific sample of 1,000 people will rate two political advertisements selected by Dr. Vavreck and Dr. Geer. The results from the online ad tests will be updated weekly on the SpotCheck Project website as well as being discussed by Dr. Vavreck on the New York Times blog “The Upshot”, to which she contributes. When asked about why SpotCheck chose G2 Analytics as their online moment-to-moment ad scoring platform, Dr. Vavreck responded, “G2 Analytics provides SpotCheck with a quick, easy-to-use, and affordable tool that provides real-time insights on how audiences engage with political advertisements.”

You can read our press release here and Vanderbilt’s press release here.

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