The Big Picture

The Customers We Serve

We serve a diverse cross-section of customer segments including Public Opinion Makers, Politicians and Government Parties.

The Data We Gather

Our platform is quite powerful and delivers a variety of data points to assist in Message Testing, Audience Measurement and Sentiment Gathering.

The Value We Deliver

Our value proposition focuses squarely on delivering Insights, Segmentation and Micro-Targeting.

The Benefits We Offer

Our benefit promise includes being able to target and focus more effectively in Fund Raising, Policy Refinement and Public Opinion Gathering.

A Robust Analytics Platform

Audience Collaboration

It is an adaptable collaboration analytics platform and advanced measurement solution combining moment-to-moment audience collaboration and sentiment tracking with semantic text analytics to better understand your audience.

Audience & Event Venues

Conference calls of any type —live web streams or YouTube videos— can all be enabled with G2 Analytics giving participants the ability to offer feedback from moment-to-moment during the event.

Participant & Audience Feedback

Event organizers have the ability to monitor feedback in realtime and analyze it later for insights on both the overall event itself as well as the individual participants.

How It Delivers Value


Learn what your audience really thinks about what you are saying.


Expand collaboration with post-event messaging and communications.


Refine your communications to better suit your audience


Analyze the type of feedback you can receive for improved product and service messaging.


Improve customer listening by creating two-way feedback.


Improve audience acquisition and retention by reducing gaps in expectations and deliverables.

What It Offers

Data Collection

Seamless data collection from audience participants for any event such as a conference call, YouTube video or YouTube Live event

Content Integration

Aggregate reactions to events as well as individual reactions and time-coded captioning of data

Unique Insights

Real-time content and participant analytics for better understanding of your audience

Thought Leadership

Content for future marketing, customer acquisition and thought leadership strategies

Our Value Proposition

Instant Feedback

Understanding what is on your audience’s mind and how they are receiving your message is a key way of refining marketing communications.

Audience Collaboration

Enabling an audience to weigh-in on any event leads to broader collaboration and interest for a brand.

Lead Generation

By offering new services for your customers, you can improve your lead generation efforts and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Content Marketing

Lead generation and customer acquisition can be significantly improved through the use of content that matters to the audience you are speaking to.

Revenue Streams

Differentiating services can set you apart from your competition and offer incremental revenue streams without capex investments.

A Few Use Cases

G2 Analytics supports its customers by helping them to leverage digital media and live events to engage with any audience, capturing actionable intelligence to: refine messaging, win elections, boost donors, test ads and drive sales. G2 Analytics weight content and metadata with our time-based reactions to identify the key words and phrases inside of any content that are most important to your audience.  Here are just a few use cases.


How do likely voters feel about this Senate bill? Which donors should I target in this fundraising?


What is the most important message in my national ad buy? Which customers are likely to upgrade?


Which comments caused the most reactions from the earnings call? Which shareholders support the initiative?


How does my trailer play with women? Which panelist had the best audience score?