Now that we have our presumptive nominees for both parties selected, the question on everyone’s mind is: ‘Who will Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton choose as their running mate?” The question has certainly been on our mind, so we conducted a series of public surveys using our moment-to-moment video scoring platform. Our goal was to understand the audience’s opinion of candidates for Vice President of both the Republican and Democratic Party. The participants were asked to watch both a Republican video and a Democrat video and use the BUZZER (-) and BELL (+) to indicate which of the potential Vice Presidential running mates would make them LESS LIKELY or MORE LIKELY to support that party’s presidential nominee in the General Election.


Each party’s video showed in consecutive order possible Vice President choices. Both surveys had a total of 200 voters, and participants were asked a Pre/Post Poll Question. The results accurately aligned with the current buzz of the VP choices. For the potential Republican running mate, Condoleezza Rice and Nikki Haley scored high positive engagement from the panelists, while Ted Cruz scored extremely negative.

The Democrat video received 3,237 reactions, 1,786 Buzzers and 1,451 Bells. Recent online polls have shown that Democrats support a Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders ticket. Our video scoring tool uncovered similar findings. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren scored the highest level of positive engagement. At the conclusion of the video, we asked the panel to answer a post video poll question. We wanted to know how much influence Hillary Clinton’s running mate selection has on deciding whether or not to support her in the General Election. Results indicated that Democrats are more divided on Clinton’s choice of Vice President, and choice will have more influence on their decision to vote for Clinton in the General Election. We asked the same post poll question at the end of the Republican video. The results were very different. Republicans are not as divided. They seem to be prepared to vote (or not vote) for Trump no matter whom he chooses as a running mate in the General Election. Stay tuned for more G2 Election series key findings, engage with our videos and check out more findings below:

Republican Vice Presidential Candidates

Democratic Vice Presidential Candidates

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