G2 Visual Analytics

Smarter Insights. Superior Targeting

Visual Analytics

Available in near real-time during the event and provided as a link immediately post event.

View the event as a whole with the highest audience engagement points highlighted.

Switch to moment-to-moment view and watch as the comments in the event cause audience interactions.

The visual analytics link also provides access to poll results and verbatim free text response from participants.

Keyword Engagement

The Keyword Engagement dashboard is a complete summary of the event – highlighting what was important and engaging to the audience.

The word cloud is automatically created using a time-coded transcription of the event – the keywords that comprise the word cloud are weighted based on the level of reaction those keywords receive. Words that attract no reaction do not make it to the word cloud.

In addition to the visual word cloud, all of the keywords that the audience responded to appear in the adjacent table – ranked from highest rated keyword to lowest.

Event Summary & Engagement Curve

The Engagement Curve is a timeline of the event that shows the level of audience engagement throughout the event by intervals – ranging from second-to-second to minute-to-minute – with the actual text spoken during each of the event’s intervals.

This provides an overview of how the event’s message is being received by the audience and which parts are most engaging.

Participant Summary

While the Engagement Curve dashboard is time based, the Participant Summary looks at each audience member individually by tracking each time they react to the event and the words that caused that reaction.

Every audience member that reacts during an event is tracked and is available as a matched dataset as described in the following section.

Participant Matched Dataset

As an option for event organizers, all of the Participant Reaction data is available as a matched dataset that will allow the host to map the G2 unique participant ID to their house file, voter record, CRM, etc – or simply to create prioritized and micro-targeted lists for further action including fundraising, GOTV, and other lead conversion campaigns.

The dataset for each Participant ID includes: the time of all reactions; whether it is a Buzzer or a Bell; the text that caused the reaction; and keywords automatically extracted from the text.