G2 Visual Analytics

Smarter Insights. Superior Messaging

Visual Analytics

Available in near real-time during the event and provided as a link immediately post event.

View the event as a whole with the highest audience engagement points highlighted.

Switch to moment-to-moment view and watch as the comments in the event cause audience interactions.

The visual analytics link also provides access to poll results and verbatim free text response from participants.

Survey Dashboard

The survey dashboard is a complete summary of the customizable survey surrounding the event – highlighting what was important and engaging to the audience.

Optimize your event with a survey. The survey will wrap around the event with pre & post exposure questions.

Surveys are fully customizable and filterable by all demographics..

ADtribute Score

The ADtribute Score are generated from post exposure Likert Scale questions on different attributes of the event. The ADtribute score is calculated by the average rating participants score the following attributes of the event: Agree, Attention, Believable, Effective, Impact, Informative, Likability, Relevant, and Understandable.

The attributes are fully customizable and filterable by participant demographics.

Engagement Dashboard

The Engagement Curve is a timeline of the event that shows the level of audience engagement throughout the event by intervals – ranging from second-to-second to minute-to-minute – with the actual text spoken during each of the event’s intervals. While the Engagement Curve dashboard focused on engagement, the Net Performance Summary looks the overall performance of the event.

The Net Performance will also be separated by Net Gender, Net Affiliation, or other specific demographics.

Reaction Share by Region

The Reaction Share Map shows the percentage of positive reaction shares by region. This provides an overview of how the event’s message is being received by the audience in various parts of the country.

The map is fully filterable by all demographics. Know who and where the message is resonating.